Adelaide Airport Parking deals
Airport parking Adelaide deals

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Adelaide Airport Long Term Parking

Long Term Parking at Adelaide Airport isn't cheap. If you are going to be away for a while and need to leave you car at the airport, you will be investing a significant amount of money. Fortunately Airport Security Parking provides an alternative - a more affordable solution to long term parking at Adelaide Airport with their airport valet parking service.

Their massive undercover and outdoor secure car parking facility is located adjacent to the Adelaide airport, on the corner of Richmond Road and Marion Road. The Airport Security Parking team will shuttle you and your luggage to and from the Adelaide airport in the comfort of their modern shuttle bus fleet.

The car parking facility has options for undercover parking, you can even order a car wash while you are away.

The savings for long term parking favours Airport Security Parking for any stay of 3 days or longer than the long term parking offered in the Adelaide airport. Check out our rates here and see for yourself.

Long Term Parking Tips at Adelaide Airport

The Adelaide Airport's long term parking website page advises that occasionally on Fridays, weekends and other periods of high demand that their long term car park maybe full. If you encountered this frustrating situation, please contact us at Security Airport Parking and we will accommodate you.

Long term Adelaide Airport Parking deals

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Long term Airport Car Parking that costs even less

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Long term Airport parking & peace of mind

If you are away on a long term trip the last thing you need is worrying about how secure your car is. Have vandals tampered with it, or someone has shunted your car backing theirs out. They'll long gone by the time you get back into Adelaide, leaving you with a car repair bill. At least with Airport security Parking you can rest assured that you car is being actively supervised. No member of the public can interfere with your car or even get near it.